We are the trend setter.

Since 1976 we have put our efforts to do something unique. In our initial period of business we started with power conditioning equipment. Today LEDs N Solar a division of Precise Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is designing, developing and manufacturing amazing new world class LED lighting solutions and Solar Power solutions under brand name “MAPLE LIGHTS”. These are environmental friendly, energy saving Lighting systems for indoor & outdoor requirements.

We are manufacturing high quality, long lasting solid state lighting products for Homes, Businesses, Industries, Hotels, Motels, Schools, and Show Rooms and for City beautifications that improve energy savings and reduce maintenance and are safe and easy to install, based on advanced electro-optic technologies

We have manufacturing and testing facilities for complete product including drivers and housings. At Precise Electronics Pvt. Ltd. we offer a diverse selection of products specially designed to satisfy the exterior lighting requirements. Many variations in light sources, mounting conditions or other requests may be achieved through custom modifications of the standard product. Promising to give the best value for your money, our fixtures have built in features, both unique and reliable. It is economical in terms of power consumption, and very safe & compact.